The Taxasphere, etc.

Wed Feb 2 22:44:00 CST 1994

          Greetings! I'm interested in what this community thinks of
          the ideas of Dr. Dan Janzen, in particular his "Biodiversity:
          Use it or Lose It!" approach, and his ideas about the role of
          taxonomists in sustainable development. The best reference I
          have for his ideas, apart from lecture presentations, is his
          paper, "Taxonomy: Universal and Essential Infrastructure for
          Development and Management of Tropical Wildland
          Biodiversity" in the _Proceedings of the Norway/UNEP Expert
          Conference on Biodiversity_, Trondheim, Norway, eds. O. T.
          Sandlund and P. J. Sahei, 1993. The paper describes the
          notion of "the taxasphere -- a community of international
          taxonomists" and the use of the Internet in biodiversity
          programs, as well as much more.

          Any reaction to Dr. Janzen's ideas? Agreement? Disagreement?
          Why? Don't know?

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