MCZ Microlepidoptera (moth) types on gopher

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Tue Feb 8 14:52:57 CST 1994

Primary types of Microlepidoptera (moths) in the Museum
of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University are now available
on the Biodiversity Gopher at Harvard University
( 70), under the collections information
menu.  This is taken from the published version (S. Miller
and R. Hodges, 1990, Bulletin MCZ 152: 45-87), updated to
December 1993.  It includes data on over 600 taxa, mostly
from North America, but including some Neotropical taxa.
Documents many early types of V.T. Chambers, W.G. Dietz,
T.W. Harris, A.S. Packard, P.C. Zeller, and others.

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