GIS Information Request

Walter Berendsohn wgb at FUB46.ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Tue Feb 15 15:32:53 CST 1994

Request: Information about
Gazetteers and Geographical Information  Systems

For several projects I am currently involved in, I am looking for geographic
 information available (for free or sold) for the following areas:
1) Europe (for project "A Common Datastructure for European Floristic
   Databases" CDEFD):
   a) Data structures, data items, data dictionaries, data models etc.
   b) Computerized mapping projects and GIS
   c)  Gazetteers published in electronic form or available GIS
2) Cuba (for Flora de Cuba):
   Gazetteers published in electronic form
3) El Salvador (floristic projects):
   Gazetteers published in electronic form

Any information will be highly appreciated, a summary will be posted on
the network.

Walter Berendsohn, Botanical Garden and Museum Berlin-Dahlem

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