Workshop Information (Web/Gopher)

Patricia de Oliveira patricia at FTPT.BR
Wed Feb 23 12:54:15 CST 1994

Dear All,

For those of you who want to follow the workshop "Linking
Mechanisms for Biodiversity Information" we have structured
a special gopher and web document for this purpose.
Available information includes:
. Programme
. List of Participants
. Background Information
. On-line Contributions (messages sent to biodiv-L)
. Workshop Session Summaries and Reports
. Documents for the Workshop Proceedings.

To reach our gopher point your gopher client to: 70

or web:

We will send another message latter during the day talking
about the workshop proceedings and we really wish to encourage
the participation of all interested.

Please remember also that all contributions sent to biodiv-l
will be discussed with the workshop participants.

Thanks, Dora

Dora Ann Lange Canhos         E-mail: dora at
Base de Dados Tropical        Tel:    +55 192 427022
Fundacao "Andre' Tosello"     Fax:    +55 192 427827

Patricia de Oliveira                 patricia at
Base de Dados Tropical               Fax:  +55 192 427827
Fundacao "Andre Tosello"             Fone: +55 192 427022

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