DELTA Workshop

Toni Paine tonip at ENTO.CSIRO.AU
Fri Feb 25 09:52:58 CST 1994

A DELTA training course will take place at the Division of Entomology,
Canberra, from 9-12 May, 1994. The course provides an introduction to the DELTA
system, and covers the main aspects of DELTA usage. Topics include preparation
of data files, interactive identification and information retrieval, keys and
natural language descriptions. The course will be run by Mike Dallwitz, Toni
Paine, Eric Zurcher and Les Watson. The course fee will be $550, or $450 for
participants providing their own PCs. The number of participants is limited to
20, so early registration is advisable.

Expressions of interest in this, or future courses, should be sent to Geoff
Clarke via one of the contact methods below:

CSIRO, Division of Entomology, GPO Box 1700, Canberra, ACT. 2601.
Phone (06) 246 4036
FAX (06) 246 4000
Internet: geoffc at

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