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Subject: Workshop "Linking Mechanisms for Biodiversity Information"
Date:February 23-26, 1994
Place: BDT (Base de Dados Tropical), Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brasil

This is the first draft of the workshop program. We ask all interested,
whether attending personally or on-line (via BIODIV-L), to send specific
contributions as to what should be discussed. We also ask those of you who
will be present to indicate where you can best contribute and whether you
could offer a lecture, demonstration or an introduction of a topic for

It would also be important for all interested to send a summary of his/her
institution's activities/needs in the field of biodiversity information.
Please send this contribution to the list BIODIV-L. To subscribe send a
message to listserv at with the following text (no subject
line needed):

subscribe BIODIV-L <your name>

Day 1

[1] Welcome
[2] Introduction of participants
[3] Background and present status; Aim of the present workshop
[4] Agreement of programme. Additional topics for discussion.
[5] Network and Communications developments since the first
[6] Public domain software for data management and dissemination
    (text, databases, graphics, bibliographic, GIS etc).


[7] Biodiversity Information - overview of what is going on.
[8] Establishment of a BIN21 network. HOW TO ORGANISE THIS?
    Regional nodes, thematic nodes? Use of the gopher system and the
    new generation software dabated in [5] above to LINK the
    information and provide access. Problems that will arise
    (technical, political) and how to help resolve these.


[9] Special needs of developing countries [Mexico, Costa Rica,
    Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, India, ...]
    Data collection
    Data management
    Data distribution
    Communications problems
    Financial problems (for networking only ...)

[12] Work plan/Funding
[13] Report to UNEP and for worldwide distribution
[14] Conclusion

Meeting of members present of new Steering Committee and
Technical Working Group

Confirmed Participants are:

Preston Hardison
pdh at
University of Washington

Jim Croft
jrc at
Australian National Botanic Gardens

Joe Hanus
hanusj at
Database Manager
Microbial Germplasm Database
Department of Botany
Oregon State University

David Green
David.Green at
Research School of Biological Sciences &
Centre for Information Science Research
Australian National University

Barbara Kirsop
barbara at

Gustavo Morejon
gmorejon at
General Coordinator
Wildlife Monitoring Center
BioBanco Project

Alejandro Pelaez G.
pelaez at
Comision Nacional para el Conocimiento y
Uso de la Biodiversidad

Juan Pablo Arce S.
jpa at
Coordinador Nacional
Red de Desarrollo Sostenible RDS/Bolivia

Rodrigo Gamez
rodrigo at
Director General
INBio - Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad
Santo Domingo, Costa Rica
Fax: (506) 362816

Anil K. Gupta
anilg at
Coordinator, SRISTI
Indian Institute of Management
Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies
and Institutions)

Brazilians (some still to be confirmed)

Marcos Vianna Villas
villas at
IBASE (Instituto Brasileiro de Analises Sociais e Economicas)
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Wim Degrave, Fiocruz
wim at
Fundacao Instituto Oswaldo Cruz
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

Ana Rosa S. R. Silva, Placido Curvo
siamaz at
Sistema de Informacao para a Amazonia, Siamaz
Fax: +55 91 2299677
Belem, Para', Brasil

Braulio Dias
braulio at
Ministerio do Meio Ambiente
Brasilia, DF, Brasil

Tadao Takahashi, RNP
tadao at
RNP, Rede Nacional de Pesquisa
Brasilia, DF, Brasil

Marcio Miranda
marcio at
Diretor Embrapa/Cenargen

Representatives from Ibama:
ibama at
Bernardo Brummer
Rita de Cassia do Vale Caribe

BDT staff
Vanderlei Canhos (vcanhos at
Sidnei Souza (sidnei at
Carlos Brefe (brefe at
Dora Lange Canhos (dora at
Patricia Oliveira (patricia at

Patricia de Oliveira                 patricia at
Base de Dados Tropical               Fax:  +55 192 427827
Fundacao "Andre Tosello"             Fone: +55 192 427022

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Patricia de Oliveira                 patricia at
Base de Dados Tropical               Fax:  +55 192 427827
Fundacao "Andre Tosello"             Fone: +55 192 427022

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