Fish & herp collection curation information available

Karsten Hartel hartel at MCZ.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Jan 21 17:21:20 CST 1994


Information about the management and curation of ichthyological and
herpetological collections is available in the Biodiversity and
Biological Collections Gopher ( under Collection &
Management of Biological Collections.

The information is key-word indexed.  The data may be of interest
to workers in other fields especially in regard to fluid

The information included in these files are based on:

1) a 1979 American Society of Ichthyologist and Herpetoligsts
   (ASIH) subcommittee report (Fink et al)
2) 10 issues of the ASIH Curation Newsletter (1980-1990).
3) Papers presented at a 1992 ASIH Collection Workshop.

Karsten E. Hartel
  Curatorial Associate, Fishes
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