Essentials of Conservation Biology

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An Introductory Textbook for Conservation Biology:


Author: Richard Primack, Professor of Biology, Boston University

Essentials  of  Conservation Biology is a new  textbook  suitable
for  both  undergraduate and graduate  courses  in   Conservation
Biology.   Twenty  two chapters divided in six parts   this  book
cover  the  range  of  Conservation  Biology.   The  introductory
chapters  include  background  material  needed  for  non-biology
majors.  The book is beautifully illustrated and has 35  detailed
case studies featured as boxes.

Part I:  Issues that define the Discipline
Part II: Threats to biological diversity
Part III:The Value of Biological diversity
Part IV: Conservation at the population level
Part V:  Practical applications
Part VI: Conservation and Human Societies.

Publisher: Sinauer Associates  (1993)
           23 Plumtree Road
           Sunderland MA 01375
           Email: publish at

Price: US $34.95 (Cloth) 564 pages. ISBN:0-87893-722-6

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