Farlow Herbarium Diatom Catalog

Robert K. Edgar REDGAR at UMASSD.EDU
Mon Jan 24 12:51:40 CST 1994

                          HARVARD UNIVERSITY
                          - DIATOM CATALOG -

Diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) are microscopic photosynthetic protists which
are important components of freshwater and marine ecosystems.

A catalog of > 10,000 records of diatom taxa and geographical localities
in published exsiccatae at the Farlow Herbarium of Harvard University is
now available via Gopher.  Exsiccatae are either dried specimens or specimens
mounted on microscope slides.  The current version of this searchable catalog
emphasizes collections issued between about 1830 and 1910.

The catalog is accessible through the "Biodiversity and Biological
Collections Gopher" at Harvard via Gopher menus:

   ==> 23. Massachusetts
      ==> 3. Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher (at Harvard)
         ==> 2. Museum, Herbarium and Arboretum Collection Catalogs
            ==> 2. Search by Institution
               ==> 3. Harvard University
                  ==> 2. Harvard University Herbaria
                     ==> 1. About the Farlow Herbarium Diatom Catalog
                         2. Bibliography of Farlow Herbarium Diatom Coll...
                         3. Search the Farlow Herbarium Diatom Catalog <?>

A description of the scope and organization of the catalog is included in
menu choices "1. About the Farlow ... " and "2. Bibliography of Farlow ...."

Inquiries may be directed to :

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Department of Biology                    Farlow Herbarium & Library
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