Ichthyology texts

Dean A. Hendrickson deanhend at UTXVM.CC.UTEXAS.EDU
Mon Jan 31 15:47:26 CST 1994

I'm starting to shop for a text book for a mixed undergraduate/graduate
ichthyology course to be taught in Fall '94. I thought I'd try the Net to see
if I can get some opinions and comments from some of the ichthyologists
out there regarding the books they are now using, have used before, or
might be planning to use in the future. Please reply directly to
me. If there's enough response and those who respond suggest it might be
useful, I'll compile responses and provide them as another single posting.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.

Dean Hendrickson
Texas Memorial Museum         deanhend at utxvm.cc.utexas.edu
University of Texas           voice/FAX (512) 471-9774/9775
Austin, TX 78704  USA

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