systematic biology statistics

David at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduR David at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduR
Thu Jan 20 16:51:54 CST 1994


I am looking for statistics on degrees and jobs in systematic
biology. Can anyone provide any of the following?

- number of degrees granted in systematic biology last year (1993)
- trends in degrees being granted over the past five years
- current number of faculty positions in systematic biology
- trends in same over the past five years
- number of institutions granting degrees in systematic biology
- number of job openings in systematic biology

I realize this is a lot to ask, but any of the above, or even
leads toward obtaining such numbers, would be most gratefully

You may call me directly at 608-238-1382 or reply by e-mail
through the person who is posting this message for me
(schoon at

Thank you,

Diana Lutz

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