Fish biodiversity data from NEODAT

Fri Jan 21 18:13:36 CST 1994

                  NEODAT Project Announcement no.2/94

  An interim release of the NEODAT Master Database, and the NEODAT Species
and Reference Database is now available as a combined database in the
Biodiversity and Biological Collections (BBC) Gopher.  The NEODAT Master
Database contains catalog records from major fish collections in the Western
Hemisphere with neotropical holdings.  The NEODAT Species and Reference
Database contains the scientific names of neotropical freshwater fish
species, and the associated bibliographic references to the original
descriptions.  The combined database is made available pending a final
reorganization of the various NEODAT gopher databases and files.  These
resources are made available by the Inter-Institutional Database of Fish
Biodiversity in the Neotropics - NEODAT Project.

To access the BBC Gopher:

The combined database is located under
        "Biodiversity Information Resources"/"Faunas".

Consult the "About the NEODAT Project" item for more detail.

If you do not have access to gopher client software,
and type gopher at the login prompt.  Follow the menu through "Other Gopher
and Information Servers/North America/USA/Massachussetts/Biodiversity and
Biological Collections Gopher (at Harvard)".

Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to the NEODAT Project:
          neodat at

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