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Smithsonian Institution's Natural History Gopher Update

     The Smithsonian Natural History Gopher Server has added
several new information resources this spring.    A new
section on Smithsonian Biodiversity Programs and Data has
been added to the root menu.  Documents describing the
biodiversity programs at the Smithsonian and a request for
comment on a Proposed National Biodiversity Information
Center are available.

     The Department of Paleobiology is making its Fossil
Plant and Algae Type Register available.  The Register
includes the type specimens catalogued to date and presents
the data either in a short form with specimen cataloging
information or a long form that includes locality and
stratigraphic data.

     An annotated bibliography on freshwater crayfishes of the World
can now be searched under the Invertebrate Zoology/Crustaceans
menu.  The 13,000-reference list, compiled by C. W. Hart, Jr.
and Janice Clark, was published in paper form in 1989 and released
on CD ROM in 1990.

     Along with the ASPT Newsletter (Department of Botany
menu), the American Society of Plant Taxonomists is pleased
to present a copy of the current membership directory.  The
list includes research interests of many members so it can be
searched by taxonomic specialty as well as by members' names.

     Another addition to the Department of Botany section is
an annotated bibliography of the Gesneriaceae based on a
publication by L. E. Skog and L. Brothers.  The bibliography
includes 1630 references.  Papers are mainly in the field of
taxonomy of the Gesneriaceae, but references from the fields
of horticulture, genetics, anatomy, morphology, and chemistry
appear as well.  Literature up to 1 May 1990 is covered.

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