Horticultural Photographers (fwd)

Murray Fagg murray at ANBG.GOV.AU
Fri Jul 22 11:07:10 CDT 1994

TO: John L Hughes
>>  > I work for a software company and am interested in obtaining
information on any
>>  > horticultural photographers that receive this message or anyone
who knows
>>  > someone who makes their living or has a hobby taking pictures
of gardens and/or
>>  > garden plants.
>>  > Thank You, John L. Hughes.

Dear John L Hughes

I have a private photograph collection of about 15000 35mm slides of
Australian native plants, covering about 5500 species (about one
third of the known Australian flora).

These have been used to publish 11 books on Australian plants and
horticulture so far in collaboration with my co-author John Wrigley.

I also supply photographs to other publishers such as Readers Digest
and various horticultural magazines.

I presently have a selection of 100 Rare & Threatened Australian
plants on a Kodak Photo CD.

Murray Fagg
14 Dryandra St
O'Connor  2601

Internet:  murray at anbg.gov.au


c/o Australian National Botanic Gardens
    Box 1777, GPO Canberra, 2601

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