New book: Hawaiian terrestrial arthropod checklist

Scott Miller scottm at BISHOP.BISHOP.HAWAII.ORG
Thu Jul 28 11:44:50 CDT 1994

Bishop Museum announces another major product from
the Hawaii Biological Survey:

Nishida, G.M. (ed.). 1994. Hawaiian terrestrial arthropod
checklist. Second edition. Bishop Museum Technical Report
4: iv + 287 pp.  ISBN 0-930-897-83-4.

A complete revision of the original issued in 1992.  Covers
Hawaiian insects, mites, spiders and relatives.  Lists all
valid names, residency status (e.g., endemic, adventive,
purposefully introduced), and distribution by island for
over 8500 species.  The index includes cross references to
synonymies and misidentifications.

Available from Bishop Museum Press, Box 19000-A, Honolulu,
Hawaii 96817, USA.  Price US $ 25.00 plus $ 5.00 shipping
and handling.  Checks, institutional purchase orders, Visa
and Mastercard accepted.

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