Bibliography on Biodiversity Assessment Methodologies

Arthur Chapman arthur at ERIN.GOV.AU
Wed Jul 6 09:36:05 CDT 1994

I have just placed a new bibliography on Biodiversity Assessment Methodologies
on to the ERIN World Wide Web Server.  The Bibliography is broad and covers
a lot of topics (it is extremely hard to draw boundaries - especially without
reading each and every paper).  It includes a lot of papers from developing
countries so is not just first-world based.

We have set up a search protocol for the bibliography and this seems to work
extremely well.  [For American users - we spell modelling with two 'l's so you
will need to use that for pulling things out of the keywords, however spelling
within the bibliography itself is as they appear in the paper itself].

I would like to thank all those who replied to my earlier requests, your help
lists of papers has been appreciated.

The bibliography will be maintained and I have many more papers piled up on my
 desk to
add. Any additions, corrections etc. would be appreciated.

The URL address for the Bibliography is:


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