Announcement and Apology

Tue Jul 19 15:46:00 CDT 1994

          ANNOUNCEMENT . . . . . . . . .


          "Ecological Risk Assessment:  Use, Abuse, and Alternatives"

          November 15 - 16, 1994

          Corvallis, Oregon

          Purpose . . . . . . . . .

          This symposium will explore the philosophical basis for
          application of the classic risk paradigm to ecological problems.
          The content will reflect the full range of the debate and be
          neither supportive or detractive on balance.  There is
          considerably controversy over the application of risk assessment
          to ecological problems and the symposium is organized to allow
          for substantial discussion.  Speakers have been selected to
          describe the various positions on the issues and what the
          alternatives are.   Amongst the questions to be considered are:

          +  Is the human health paradigm the appropriate model to follow
          for ecological risk assessment?

          +  Is ecological risk assessment ecological triage, or a
          necessary decision tool?

          +  Is ecological risk assessment used to disenfranchise the
          electorate or as a necessary analytical tool to evaluate
          difficult trade-offs?

          +  Does risk assessment do what is fundamentally public choice in
          democratic governance?

          +  How should the public guard against scientists and other
          technocrats from using their value systems to unduly influence
          the conduct of risk assessment or other analytical procedures?

          Audience:  biologists, sociologists, economists, policy analysts,
          policy makers, NGOs, advocates on all sides of environmental

          Sponsor:  Center for Analysis of Environmental Change

          For Further Information and How to Register:

          Conference Assistant
          Conference Center
          College of Forestry
          Oregon State University
          Corvallis, Oregon  97331

          Voice:  (503) 737-2329

          Fax:    (503) 737-2668

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