We need your help--staff directory

Fri Jul 8 13:20:00 CDT 1994

Dear taxacom subscribers,

As an intern at the Smithsonian Institution, Museum Support Center,
Washington, D.C., I am attempting to compile a "comprehensive" list
of staff and electronic mail addresses in museums, cultural
organizations, and museum-related organizations used to access the
various worldwide computer networks.  Comprehensive is a relative
term, but I will try to include as many people and addresses as
possible.  The directory will have three segments: listings by
name, by organization, and by field of interest.

The Museum Computer Network organization (MCN) has expressed
interest in publishing the directory for its next annual
conference, August 31-September 1, 1994 in Washington, DC, USA.  We
will try to put this directory online on the Internet.  The format
has yet to be determined.

No plans have been made to regularly update this list. To save it
from becoming obsolete, we are working on some ideas.  Given your
entry, we would be happy to let you know of any other major
developments concerning this project.

Complete the form at the end of this message and respond by Monday,
July 25 to be included in the directory.
A timely response is essential. Thank you.

The Directory Project is a venture of the Office of Information
Management, Smithsonian Museum Support Center.
The Staff:     David Bridge, David at simsc.si.edu
               Jason Young, YoungJ at simsc.si.edu
               Rod Montgomery, MontgomeryR at simsc.si.edu

FORM.  Edit this message OR compose a new e-mail message (do not
change the format, as it will be automatically processed) and send
the completed form to directory at simsc.si.edu.  This form is being
posted on several discussion lists.  Please forgive any cross-
posting; you need only return one form to be included.

NOTE: When choosing keywords for your fields of interest, use these
examples as guides for terms describing your own interests:

The keywords specified in the three "Field of Interest" will be
used to produce an index to the Directory.  Please enter one to
three Interests; chose your keywords carefully.  We suggest that
you use major subject areas, such as:  Botany, Conservation,
Anthropology, History, Art, Collections Management, Administration
or Facility Management.  OR, if you would like to be more specific,
use a major term and a modifier, such as:
     Botany, Palms;      Conservation, Paper;     Art, Modern.
We may edit these fields for greater consistency.

Feel free to copy and share this request with others who would like
to be included in the directory.  We are looking for "official"
museum/organization contacts who would be able to provide an
authoritative list of their museum/organization staff for
inclusion; if you know of such a person, please let us know by e-
mailing montgomeryr at simsc.si.edu. We are willing to discuss with
each contact the structure and format of any data submitted in

Thanks in advance for your attention.  I look forward to the
successful publication of this directory.

Rod Montgomery
Office of Information Management
Museum Support Center, MRC 534
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560  USA

** Here's an example:
From:     John Doe <doej at any.where.edu>
To:       directory at simsc.si.edu
Subj:     Museum Directory Entry
^Last Name: Doe
^First Name, etc.: John A., Jr.
^E-mail Address: doej at any.where.edu
^Institution/Organization: The Doe Museum
^Department or Unit: Information Management
^Field of Interest 1: Botany, Australian
^Field of Interest 2: Art, Medieval
^Field of Interest 3: Mammals, Marine

               Please use upper AND lower case type.
----<Cut here and e-mail to directory at simsc.si.edu by July 25>----

^Last Name:
^First Name, etc.:
^E-mail address:
^Department or Unit:
^Field of Interest 1:
^Field of Interest 2:
^Field of Interest 3:

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