Horticultural Photographers

Mon Jul 25 11:11:42 CDT 1994

On the one hand, we'd all rather not have TAXACOM flooded with
business-related queries.  On the other hand, we use TAXACOM for
our own business (gathering specimens, and otherwise getting our
own work done) and a number of us may be interested in dealing
with the person seeking stock photographers.  Would it be better
to reply to the query via e-mail, and deprive other interested
readers on TAXACOM of the (valuable) information sent in reply,
or to share replies with the TAXACOM readers?

Personally, I'm in favor of business-related articles, so long
as they are brief and highly relevant to the content of TAXACOM,
among other (equally obvious) criteria.

        Una Smith                               smith-una at yale.edu

Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104  USA

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