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                                                                    1 June 1994

Today I received the following message:

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    > We use macs. So do many others.

I thought I would take the opportunity to explain to a wider audience why we
don't have Mac versions of our software.

Although there are many Mac users, they are a small proportion of the total
number of PC users (I think about 10%). The DELTA development group is small (3
people since the start of 1993, and 2 before that), and we can't even keep up
with the demand for enhancements of the MS-DOS/Windows versions of our
programs. We couldn't justify slowing down our main development effort to port
the programs to a hardware platform used by a (relatively) small minority.

We are currently in the middle of a 3-year project to port the DELTA programs
to MS-Windows. At the start of the project, we considered the possibility of
using a software package that would allow the new programs to run on various
platforms. However, the available packages had many deficiencies, and the best
of them were very expensive. We hope that by the end of the project, porting to
the Mac may be cheaper and easier. I have seen a report that Microsoft intend
to write a version of the Windows API for the Mac, and, of course, the latest
`Mac' can already run Windows.

In the meantime, the current MS-DOS programs can be run under SoftPC on the

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