Percentage of Macs in Academia

Gustavo Morejon J. gmorejon at FISS.ORG.EC
Wed Jun 1 10:38:42 CDT 1994

Here in Ecuador, We are running our server on a SUN and our sistem
administrator prefers to deal with all the compiling stuff for Unix for
every program (Personally, I hate that stuff). I found that more of the
applications we need are for DOS or Windows, but I agree with Dr.
Stockwell when he says that most of the users prefers to have those
programs on Mac. Right now, it seems that there is an explossion here
in my city with the new Power PC's.

        In fact, if our local Macintosh dealer and we arrive to an
arrangement, we are tempted to change our PC's for Macintosh Power
PC's. The reason is so easy to understand, Mac's are so friendly and
easy to deal with, that most of the users feels right doing so. It's
much more easy to deal with Mac's and it's graphic interfaces. I was an
IBM fan for a lot of years, but it seems that I'm next to change my

Just my opinion,

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