Wetlands ID manual

John R. Porter, Biology Dept., PCP&S porter at SHRSYS.HSLC.ORG
Sat Jun 4 15:53:32 CDT 1994

An acquaintance of mine is seeking a manual for the ID of wetlands plants.  He
was told that one exists which has about 300 of the more common species, with
photos, but he was not given an exact title and has been unable to locate a
suitable manual.  He is a non-specialist and so needs something with photos and
simple descriptions.  He is especially interested in a coverage of the midwest
U.S. region, i.e., Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, etc.  Can anyone suggest
the title of the book to which he has been referred or a suitable alternative?
Many thanks to anyone who can help.

John R. Porter
porter at hslc.org

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