Silvia Bruschini bruschi at ANMAT.SLD.AR
Wed Jun 8 18:19:08 CDT 1994

Dear Sirs:

We belong to the National Administration of Food, Drugs and Medical
Technology of Argentina (A.N.M.A.T.).

We have recently detected that some species of cucurbita maxima have
hybridized with cucurbita andreana.
As a result, a lot of people have suffered diarrhea in different degrees
after consumption of these vegetables bought at regular groceries.

Now, the question is: Is there any way to determine visually the difference
between c. andreana and c. maxima?
This should be very useful in order to warn people against buying the
wrong ones.

Thank you all in advance:

                Silvia Bruschini
                System Manager - Scientific communications
                Av. de Mayo 869 , 2nd floor
                Buenos Aires - Argentina
                T.E./FAX 54 1 342-8684

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