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I was doing some research on Pedicularis via our biological collections via
gophers and decided to try and find a stand of a rare or threatened plants
near my home while I was in the different gophers.

Most of the information was vague enough to send me in the right direction
only. Foe example, Penstemon peckii was found in Sisters, OR, where I live.
You could find this plant if you had only a few more pieces of information on
habitat. This protected plant is relatively easy to find around here, being a
local endemic with large populations. But you wouldn't find it in Sisters,
and you woud need to go in a certain direction from Sisters to see it.

However, I found a report listing a specific lake for another specific plant,
within driving distance. In fact, I'll be going right by there with my field
classes this weekend.

I also found that I could drive to a specific mountain to find Castilleja
chlorotica, also protected in our state. This was not hard for me to find. I
am a trained field botanist who locates plants for a living. This gives me an
edge in using the biological collection information for finding plants. But I
am sure there are others with this skill.

Certainly, as I previously stated, site specific information should not be
openly accessable on the net. However, the knowledge available can be used in
the proper hands to locate protected populations.

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