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Fri Jun 10 12:23:41 CDT 1994

        1994 American Arachnological Society Meeting
                    GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA
        (Join the pilgrimage to arachnology's Mecca!)

     We cordially invite you to the 1994 AAS Meeting at the
University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida which will run
from Friday, July 29th to Tuesday, August 2nd, 1994.
Special features of the meeting will include:

A symposium on "Spiders in Ecological Communities,"
     organized by David Wise
A symposium on higher-order systematics of arachnids
     organized by Norm Platnick
A workshop on computer-assisted arachnology (present and
     possible future databases and Internet resources)
A banquet featuring arachnology's most talented humorists
     and skits celebrating the centenary of Simon's Histoire
     Naturelle des Araignees
Field trips to local sites with nearly-tropical spider
     diversity and beautiful springs (we will also provide a
     map for a self-guided tour of exotic spiders on the UF


Friday, 29 July:  Registration begins in the afternoon at
     the "New Facility" (the newest on-campus residential
     facility).  An informal social will be held that
     evening at the dorm.

Saturday, 30 July:  Paper sessions 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. in
     Reitz Student Union Auditorium.  In the evening we will
     have informal movies, travelogues, etc.

Sunday, 31 July:  Paper sessions 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
     'Social' and a group photo at 6:30 p.m. outside the Law
     School.  Banquet from 7 - 9 p.m. complete with AAAFF

Monday, 1 August:  Paper sessions 8:30 a.m. - noon.
     Computer-assisted arachnology workshop at 1 p.m.
     Business meeting at 2:30 p.m.  Evening collecting trip
     at 8 or 9 p.m.

Tuesday, 2 August:  All day field trip to Ocala National
     Forest with a late afternoon stop at freshwater springs
     to cool off.  Check out upon return or on the 3rd by 10

In addition, there will be informal trips to the ocean and
to St. Augustine on Saturday as well as a tubing trip down
the Ichetucknee River on Monday for spouses and families.
(Probable costs for these trips: $4 - $10).

Ecological communities symposium speakers include Hartmut
Doebel of the University of Maryland, Larry Hurd of
Washington and Lee University, Gary Polis of Vanderbilt
University, Ann Rypstra of Miami University, Soeren Toft of
the University of Aarhus, and David Wise of the University
of Kentucky.

Higher-order systematics symposium speakers include Cheryl
Hayashi of Yale University, Charles Griswold of the
California Academy of Sciences, and Jonathan Coddington of
the National Museum of Natural History.

     On campus accommodations are available in the "New
Facility" (yes, that's its name) 5 minutes walking distance
from the Reitz Student Union.  The housing cost varies
depending upon how many nights you plan to stay (see
enclosed housing form) and does not include meals which can
be obtained (at reasonable prices) in the Reitz Union.
Other eating establishments are within a 10 or 15 minute
walk.  Please note that there are no special housing
discounts for children so, if you and your family plan to
attend, it may be less expensive to make arrangements at one
of the many motels or hotels nearby.  The dormitory housing
consists of comfortable, air-conditioned, four-room suites,
each with two full bathrooms and a full kitchen.  A swimming
pool is a five minute walk away.  While the housing prices
are extremely reasonable we encourage graduate students and
anyone of limited means to contact us about possibilities
for more bare-bones accommodation.

     Gainesville's climate in July and August is about as
hot and sticky as it gets!  But the dorms, dining facilities
and meeting rooms are all air-conditioned.  And you need
only take a short walk to the swimming pool to cool off or
take a short drive to be at a lake, spring, or ocean!

     Within a 150 mile radius of the city you can visit the
Okefenokee Swamp, numerous state parks including Torreya and
Florida Caverns, numerous Gulf and Atlantic Ocean beaches,
historic St. Augustine, Disney World/Epcot Center, Sea
World, Universal Studios, the Salvador Dali Museum and the
world's largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright buildings
(in Lakeland).  Closer to UF you can see sandhill habitats,
pine flatwoods and scrub areas each with their own unique
fauna.  Or on campus you can visit the Florida Museum of
Natural History or the Harn Art Museum.

     If you are driving to Gainesville, Interstate 75 will
take you directly to Gainesville.  From the North, take the
second major exit into the city: State Road 26 East
(Newberry Rd.).  Go East on 26 for about 2 and 3/4 miles
from the I-75 turnoff.  S.R. 26/Newberry Road, becomes
University Avenue.  After passing 34th St and climbing the
only hill, turn right at the second light (after the hill)
onto North-South Drive (this will take you onto campus).  Go
past the Stadium (on your left) and turn right at the first
stoplight onto Stadium Road.  Look for the New Facility on
the left (across from the baseball field).  We will have
signs posted for the AAS Meeting.  Registration is from
Friday afternoon until Saturday morning.

     You can fly into Gainesville Regional Airport via
Delta, USAir, USAir Express, Comair, or Atlantic Southeast.
You will probably save a fair amount of money by flying into
Jacksonville, Tampa or Orlando (1.5, 2.5 or 2.7 hours away
respectively) especially if you intend to rent a car anyway.
Mainstream airline fares are competitive and in addition
many discount airlines, e.g. Valujet, fly into these cities.
However, there is no commercial shuttle service to
Gainesville and we will only shuttle folks flying into
Gainesville's airport.  On the other hand rental car prices
are among the least expensive in the country, and most
agencies do not have drop-off charges.

     Other options are to take Amtrak into Waldo, Florida,
or take Greyhound into Gainesville.  If you are traveling
into Gainesville by air, train or bus, please let one of the
meeting organizers know so we can arrange for shuttle

     To register for the meeting and to reserve dormitory
rooms, complete the enclosed forms and return with
prepayment to the address listed at the top of the forms.
To present a paper or poster, complete the Call For
Abstracts form and send it to G.B. Edwards (address at the
top of the form).

     If you have questions about the meeting contact:
     Jon Reiskind or Paula Cushing
     University of Florida
     Department of Zoology
     Gainesville, FL 32611
     Jon's phone:  (904) 392-1187 or 392-1519; E-mail:
jon at
     Paula's home phone:  (904) 371-4530; E-mail:
cush at

     For information about abstracts or paper/poster
presentation contact:
     G.B. Edwards
     Division of Plant Industry
     P.O. Box 147100
     Gainesville, FL 32614-7100
     phone: (904) 372-3505

Mark Stowe c/o Jon Reiskind
Department of Zoology
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611 USA
E-mail: MKS at ZOO.UFL.EDU
phone: 904 373 3202, 904 392 1187
fax: 904 392 3704

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