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Tue Jun 14 14:17:43 CDT 1994

I am writing an essay on orphaned and endangered collections for the
Resource Sharing Project of the Texas Association of Museums, a
high-priority commitment by TAM to address museum needs by pairing
museums on the basis of need and assistance. This is a general essay on
the sources, results, and approaches to the problems caused by
administrative abandonment of collections for various reasons. If you
have information you would like to see included in this, please send it
to me directly at the above address. Anecdotal information is welcome,
but no institutions or individuals will be named without their
permission. Information about specific problems in Texas collections
should be sent to TAM so that they can begin targeting assistance
efforts. Thank you for your time and courtesy.

I should specify that, as I see it, abandonment includes two or more of
the following factors: failure of funding or support to the institution;
shift in the mission or priorities of the institution or discipline; loss
of staffing causing complete inaccessibility and complete neglect;
failure of funding from the institution; loss of space; deaccessioning
prompted by market value or by any of the above factors.

Sally Shelton
Collections Conservation Specialist
San Diego Natural History Museum

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