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Sun Jun 19 10:49:52 CDT 1994

Joao Marcelo A. Braga asked to forward this message


I am working with the Marantaceae from the Rio de Janeiro Mata Atlantica.
Rigth now I`d like to share pieces of information with researchers
working with that group in the tropics. Details about its distribution
and recent publications are welcomed.

        Have a nice time.

                 Joao Marcelo

Joao Marcelo A. Braga
Universidade Santa Ursula
Ciencias Biologicas

R. Sao Gerasmo, 181
Taquara  Jacarepagua
22713-450  Rio de Janeiro BRASIL


Answers can be addressed to my e-mail

Alberto Correa de Vasconcellos
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Instituto de Geociencias

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