Systematics & Bibliography: A Critique

acvascon at AX.APC.ORG acvascon at AX.APC.ORG
Thu Jun 23 06:46:18 CDT 1994

             Systematic & Bibliography: A Critique

Recentely I carried out a paleobiogeographic work in which some Euramerican
regions were compared with the Amazon basin. My work was based in the rugose
coral fauna cited for all the areas in an especific geological stage
(Bashkirian-Middle Carboniferous).

The main source to code characters and states were revisions and recent
publications, of taxonomic value, cited in the literature with pictures
for comparision.

My doubts concerning the use of bibliographic matter, to code characters and
states, arise when some reviewers accept that line of work (those working with
the cladistic methodology) and another half no (mainly paleontologists).

1) If we cannot use the contributions already done (after a critical analysis
of its contents) why to produce them???

2) Is it systematic and bibliography truly incongruent???

Alberto Correa de Vasconcellos
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Instituto de Geociencias

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