DELTA programs for the Mac?

Thu Jun 2 08:01:42 CDT 1994

Previous discussion on taxacom the unavailability of DELTA on
Macintosh platforms overlooks a basic point: the program may be a
valuable biodiversity research tool.  What computer DELTA runs on is
not relevant. If you need a program for your work, obtain the means to
run it, in this case a PC emulator for the Mac or an inexpensive
clone. If you don't need the program, then the platform it runs on is
not a problem. In my case, the advent of the PAUP & McClade
phylogenetics software on the Mac forced me to drop my distaste for
gooey electronic rodentia and get a Macintosh to run them. In the
commercial world, the spreadsheet program Lotus 123 sold more PCs than
any software created by IBM.  So the question systematists have to
answer for themselves is "Does DELTA provide the tools they need?", in
my view a more interesting topic for discussion.

Buz Wilson

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