Questions on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration

Museum Informatics Project mip-arch at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Jun 1 16:41:28 CDT 1994

Steve says:
>       I will summarize and post the
>       responses to these questions.  Please reply to me personally,
>       rather than the list,

The questions posed by your colleague's IWR group are _really_(!)
fine/tough ones; I would like to see the responses to them posted
directly to any, preferably one, of these lists, which should result in
more ample and sharpened discussion.

In any case, whatever else you do, I urge you to archive the
direct-to-you responses to your solicitation, in email format [i.e.,
the format in which it arrived in _your_ emailbox], and seek an archive
site that will permit you to post the entire messages in a way that we
[the public/professional] can access them, e.g., an FTP or gopher

While I am confident that you can summarize the responses, the original
texts are likely to have a tone, innuendo, and emphasis of their own,
and will be of additional value for those reason, as well.

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