Trade Timbers - INTKEY Package

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                       Trade Timbers - INTKEY Package
                          Downloading from Internet

                                 2 June 1994

                                H. G. Richter

                 Institut fu"r Holzbiologie und Holzschutz
               Leuschnerstrasse 91, 2050 Hamburg 80, Germany
               Phone +49 40 739 62 0. Fax +49 40 739 62 480

An MS-DOS INTKEY package providing interactive identification and information
retrieval for trade timbers, in German or English, is available by gopher or
anonymous ftp from the following Internet hosts.

     Host                   Directories
     --------------------   --------------------------------------        /pub/software/delta/wood  (data)
                            /pub/software/delta/msdos  (program)        /pub/delta/wood  (data)
                            /pub/delta/msdos  (program)   /delta/wood  (data)
                            /delta/msdos  (program)

The distribution package consists of a text file Download.1st, containing this
information about downloading the package, and a self-expanding file
wood at .exe, containing the data. The files must be transmitted in binary mode,
set by the ftp command `binary'. (Failure to do so will result in the error
message `HeaderC Error' when the .exe file is run.)

If you do not already have the latest version of the interactive
identification and information retrieval program, INTKEY, you will need to
obtain the file delta1 at .exe from the delta/msdos subdirectory. This file
contains INTKEY.EXE and its documentation.

Copy the file WOOD at .EXE into the directory C:\WOOD on your MS-DOS computer,
and expand it by entering WOOD at . Start the program by typing WOOD (English
version) or WOODDD (German version) at the DOS prompt.

The DELTA files from which the package was generated are available from the

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