Macs in Academia

Dennis Paulson dpaulson at UPS.EDU
Fri Jun 3 08:54:24 CDT 1994

The Slater Museum is running 3 Macs for all of our needs, including
collection computerization. The Burke Museum at the U. of Washington, where
I used to work, uses almost entirely Macs. The biology department faculty
here all have Macs (a few also have the PCs they brought with them), and
student labs primarily use Macs. How long will it take before MS-DOSiphiles
at the very least cease being Macophobes? Mac software for most needs is
available (yes, still much less than MS-DOS, but how much do you need?),
the graphical user interface is still better than Windows, and the machine
has certainly come of age. And Power PCs will make these arguments academic
when they are perfected, have enough "native" software, and are
sufficiently distributed (I hear they're selling like hotcakes). I agree
with the posting that said "get the computer that runs the software you
need" and dispense with prejudice.

Dennis Paulson
Slater Museum of Natural History
University of Puget Sound
Tacoma, WA 98416
dpaulson at

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