maurobio at AX.APC.ORG maurobio at AX.APC.ORG
Wed Jun 8 10:41:00 CDT 1994

Dear Colleagues,

At some point in a very near future, my present e-mail address will no
longer be valid. In the future, you should address mail to me as:

                mauro.cavalcanti%hlbbs at ax.apc.org

When my present e-mail goes down that will also mean that I will no
longer be at the TAXACOM list - and this by itself is the reason for the
more severe sadness I have already experimented in all my professional
life... However, I am trying to remedy at least *this* problem with my
system administrator. All the other discussion lists, Gopher and FTP
access by the right to continue at TAXACOM and use e-mail only!

For those DIANA users, I would ask to send me a short note - not only
to comfort me, but also in order that I can verify if I can continue
to exchange messages with you all using the new e-mail address above.
By the way, a Windows version is scheduled to be released (oh, at least
I have the moral support of Mike Dallwitz and his team, that will
be able to put a copy in the DELTA Internet Gopher sites!).

Thank you all.

Prof. Mauro J. Cavalcanti            Phone     : 55 (021) 551-5542 ext 148
Departamento de Biologia Geral       Home phone: 55 (021) 594-4745
Centro de Ciencias Biologicas        E-mail    :
Universidade Santa Ursula                mauro.cavalcanti%hlbbs at ax.apc.org
Rua Fernando Ferrari, 75 - Botafogo
22231-030, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BRASIL

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