Scorpions vs. Crayfish

Sat Jun 18 22:16:21 CDT 1994

Check the walking legs of the crayfish. Distally, each ends in a
"claw". I think the moveable part of the claw is medial--but since I'm
not certain, please check this. If I'm correct for the walking legs, then
there is nothing strange about the cheliped because it's just a modified
walking leg. If the "claws" on the walking legs are lateral, however, then
the answer is merely a rotation of the cheliped. As for the chelicerae of
the scorpion, these are the equivalent of the first walking legs of the
primitive arthropod [and trilobite]. These are not homologous with the
first walking legs of the Mandibulata, so one would not be surprised by
a different arrangement.

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