Mon Jun 27 16:03:20 CDT 1994

Colleagues: If you want copies of the two SA2000 documents, let me know.  If yo
u are members of SSB, ASPT, or the WHS, then you should have already received t
hese.  If you want multiple copies to distribute, again let me know and I will
send them on.  The success of SA2000 depends on everyone interested in biodiver
sity science distributing the documents on the local level.  Joel Cracraft, co-
chair SA2000

JOEL CRACRAFT                       +  bitnet:      JLCCC at CUNYVM.BITNET
                                    +           or  JLC at AMNH.ORG
                                    +  INTERNET:    JLCCC at CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU
Department of Ornithology           +
American Museum of Natural History  +  voice:       212-769-5633
Central Park West at 79th Street    +  fax:         212-769-5759
New York, NY 10024-5192 USA         +

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