Percentage of Macs in Academia

Wed Jun 1 17:57:00 CDT 1994


In response to previous mailings on this subject, I would like to mention that
at least among taxonomists in the Netherlands, as far as I know there are at
least as many PC users as MAC users. Also, most institutes seem to go for
either the one or the other. E.g. my own institute has many PCs,
both linked in a LAN and stand-alones, but only 3 MACs, all stand-alone.
The Syst. Zool. Dept. at the Univ. of Amsterdam, on the other hand, uses MACs,
as does ETI (also in Amsterdam). Wageningen Herbarium I believe works mostly
with PCs. I would welcome MAC versions of Hennig86 and DELTA, but also DOS
versions of PAUP and MACClade, in order to allow EASY comparison of the
results obtained from different programs and promote platform-independent
accessibility of tools. I realise that this will be hard to accomplish for
small teams, but nevertheless it can be done, as was
shown by Zandee (EEW, Univ. of Leiden), who has made his phylogeny
reconstruction program CAFCA available both to MAC and PC users.

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