Questions on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration

Wed Jun 1 16:01:00 CDT 1994

          A colleague, Lynn Martin in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
          Institute for Water Resources, is drafting policy for ecosystem
          restoration activities. Her group will be evaluating restoration
          objectives and providing guidance for restoration projects. On
          her behalf, I'm forwarding the following message to seek
          responses and ideas on restoration objectives, biodiversity
          considerations, and selection criteria.

          "Federal agencies are embracing the philosophy of ecosystem
          management as a framework for pursuing a wide range of ecosystem
          management initiatives. In addition, we have recognized that
          biological diversity is a global asset, and protecting and
          managing biodiversity is a priority in many resource management

          I am interested in how decision-makers are putting these concepts
          into practice for ecosystem restoration. We need to formulate the
          types of restoration objectives that specifically state what we
          are trying to accomplish, and that will help justify pursuit of
          one project over another. To spearhead a discussion on this
          topic, I pose the following questions. Project-specific responses
          are of particular interest.

          1.      If one wanted to pursue an ecosystem restoration
          initiative, what would meaningful objectives consist of?

          2.      What are measurable objectives for trying to achieve
          biodiversity goals?

          3.      How can the results of restoration efforts be measured so
          that economic efficiency of alternative plans can be evaluated
          (even though ecosystem restoration benefits may not be measured
          in monetary terms)?

          4.      What will success in biodiversity and ecosystem
          restoration look and be like?"

          Please repost this as appropriate and share with your colleagues
          in ecological restoration. I will summarize and post the
          responses to these questions.  Please reply to me personally,
          rather than the list, and indicate if you do *not* want your
          response to be attributed to you in the summary.

          Thanks for your help; cheers,

                               Young.steve at
                               202-786-2944, -2821; fax 202-786-2934
                               (US EPA employee on loan to the
                               Smithsonian Biodiversity Program)

                               Steve Young
                               Smithsonian Biodiversity Program

                               National Museum of Natural History (MRC-180)
                               10th & Constitution Avenue, Rm. W307
                               Washington, DC  20560

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