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Lawrence F. Gall lfg at GEORGE.PEABODY.YALE.EDU
Thu Jun 30 13:25:52 CDT 1994

The Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University is pleased to
announce access to its collections data via gopher.  You can find us at:

                gopher.peabody.yale.edu   port 70

The initial gopher offering is 255,268 specimens/lots, which translates to
a little under a million individual specimens.  The museum's approximate
holdings and the composition of the gopher are as follows ("+" means there
are plans to provide material later this summer):

      Curatorial                  Cataloguing   Number   Items On
       Division                   Methodology  Of Items   Gopher
      ----------                  -----------  --------  --------

      Anthropology                lot          267,000         +
      Botany/Paleobotany          individual   360,000    16,809
      Entomology                  indiv./lot   900,000     5,705
      Invertebrate Paleontology   lot          300,000    24,189
      Invertebrate Zoology        lot          300,000     8,584
      Meteorites                  indiv./lot       500         +
      Mineralogy                  individual    40,000    29,115
      Scientific Instruments      individual     2,000       573
      Vertebrate Paleontology     individual   120,000    28,132
      Vertebrate Zoology
         VZ-Herpetology           individual    14,400         +
         VZ-Ichthyology           lot            9,908     9,908
         VZ-Mammalogy             individual     4,806     4,806
         VZ-Ornithology           individual   113,648   113,648
         VZ-Osteology             individual    13,799    13,799

We will be updating the gopher data periodically; the last update times
are posted in the "Welcome and Introduction" file on the main menu.
Comments about the data (omissions, etc.) are most welcome, and are best
aimed via email at the Collections Manager(s) in the respective curatorial
discipline(s) of your interest.  You can find their addresses in the
"Staff Electronic Mail Addresses" file on the main menu.


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