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Thu Mar 3 16:03:08 CST 1994

                           LITERATURE NOTICE
                               Re: DELTA

      Two bits of literature might be of some interest to those who
use or might be interested in using DELTA.  It was recently
suggested to me that I post a notice of this sort on TAXACOM.

      When I ran a DELTA Workshop here in Tallahassee, FL last
October, I'd prepared a "Manual" which I sent to registrants with
the expectation that they'd review it and come well prepared for
the workshop.

Askevold, Ingolf S. 1993.  DELTA: how to do it - in a nutshell.
      Primer for the DELTA Workshop.  Unpublished, circa 31 pages.

      Anyone interested in receiving the "Primer for the DELTA
      Workshop" are welcome to email me, I'll email you a copy.
      DOUBTLESS it contains some errors, as DELTA underwent some
      changes in the later stages of 1993, which may not be
      reflected in this "Primer", if I can steal that word.  Any
      errors of any kind contained therein are mine alone.

Askevold, Ingolf S. & Charles W. O'Brien. 1994.  DELTA, an
      invaluable computer program for generation of taxonomic
      monographs. Annals of the Entomological Society of America

      Reprints are available, email me your request including your
      snail-mail address.


Ingolf S. Askevold
Florida A & M University
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