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To add to the message below, several weeks back I prepared a DELTA page
and directory for the World Wide Web, based on material from the three
official ftp archives of DELTA-related programs and documentation (CSIRO
Entomology, Harvard and the ANU biodiversity servers).  I did not
announce it then because the manual has yet to to be done, but I suppose
it is a useful net resource even as it is.

The URL for this resource is:

   <A HREF=>
   DEscriptive Language for TAxonomy</A> (DELTA)

The home page contains pointers to the DELTA primer, marked up in
Hypertext, the various readme and installation files (also marked up)
and direct links to the three ftp sites for the latest versions of the
programs and sample data.  And of course the licence agreement and
conditions of use documents are also there.  The manual will come later,
but marking up that is a much bigger job.

I would be happy to mark up and include a HTML version of the documents
below in this directory, or make links to them at some other place on
the net.

If anyone else has any other articles on DELTA, add-on sotware for
DELTA, or DELTA compatable datasets, I would be happy to include them or
link to them in this directory.



>                            LITERATURE NOTICE
>                                Re: DELTA
>       Two bits of literature might be of some interest to those who
> use or might be interested in using DELTA.  It was recently
> suggested to me that I post a notice of this sort on TAXACOM.
>       When I ran a DELTA Workshop here in Tallahassee, FL last
> October, I'd prepared a "Manual" which I sent to registrants with
> the expectation that they'd review it and come well prepared for
> the workshop.
> Askevold, Ingolf S. 1993.  DELTA: how to do it - in a nutshell.
>       Primer for the DELTA Workshop.  Unpublished, circa 31 pages.
>       Anyone interested in receiving the "Primer for the DELTA
>       Workshop" are welcome to email me, I'll email you a copy.
>       DOUBTLESS it contains some errors, as DELTA underwent some
>       changes in the later stages of 1993, which may not be
>       reflected in this "Primer", if I can steal that word.  Any
>       errors of any kind contained therein are mine alone.
> Askevold, Ingolf S. & Charles W. O'Brien. 1994.  DELTA, an
>       invaluable computer program for generation of taxonomic
>       monographs. Annals of the Entomological Society of America
>       87(1):1-16.
>       Reprints are available, email me your request including your
>       snail-mail address.
> Ingolf S. Askevold
> Florida A & M University
> iaskevol at

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