Plant and Animal Images Available

Jim Beach beach at HUH.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Mar 4 10:20:30 CST 1994

The Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher ( has
mounted an archive of 292 high-quality biological images of plant and animal
species with catalog information.  The images are intended for research and
educational use.  They are only available through the BBC Gopher.

In order to obtain and view the images, you will need a Gopher client which
is capable of binary file transfers and an image viewer program on your
local computer.

Additional details are below, comments and suggestions to:  Jim Beach
beach at  The image contributors (below) are gratefully



Biology Image Archive      (Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher)

The "Image Files"  directory contains images of plant and animal species,
which were created from scanning transparencies taken by museum and herbarium
collectors during expeditions.  The images are available for non-commercial
educational and research use, commercial users are asked to contact the
photographer at the address listed in the catalog for publication rights.

The slides were imaged with a Barneyscan scanner, using Adobe Photoshop
software on a Macintosh IIci.  The Photoshop format files were then
converted to the compressed JPEG file format.  The images are usually no
larger than 640 x 480 pixels and fit within a VGA screen display without
cropping. The gamma levels were adjusted for PC and Macintosh displays; the
images appear dark on Sun workstation console displays.

Catalog information associated with these scientific images includes:

  SPE:  Scientific name (Genus, species and author, when known)
  FAM:  Family
  ORD:  Order
  HTC:  Higher taxon common name (Family, Order or higher)
  SPC:  Species common name
  LOC:  Location of original specimen
  DAT:  Date photographed and/or collected
  PHO:  Photographer's name and address
  COL:  Herbarium or museum voucher specimen
  NOT:  Miscellaneous notes
  IMG:  Image file name

Missing or empty fields in the image catalog represent unknown or missing

All of the catalog information is keyword indexed.  Searches are can be
effected for any word, some useful terms in the current catalog include:
fungus, Mexico, Costa and Rica (or just Costa), McDonald, Dillon, Colombia,
Chile, Peru.

This is an experimental archive.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.
E-mail them to: Jim Beach (beach at

These scientists have graciously donated images from their private film
collections for educational and research use:

Dr. Andrew McDonald, Harvard University Herbarium
Dr. Jean Cargill, Harvard University Herbaria
Dr. Roy Halling, New York Botanical Garden
Dr. Michael Dillon, Field Museum of Natural History
Mr. Santiago Madrinan, Harvard University Herbaria
Dr. James Beach, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University
Staff, The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

The slides were imaged by Mr. Jason Taft, University of Michigan.


James H. Beach                                         beach at
Data Administrator                                     Tel:   (617) 495-1912
MCZ, Herbaria, Arnold Arboretum                        Fax:   (617) 495-9484
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