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Ingolf Askevold IASKEVOL at VM.CC.FAMU.EDU
Fri Mar 4 15:40:40 CST 1994

To all concerned:

      Thanks all for your replies to my posting on TAXACOM about
publication in the Annals E.S.A., and about the "Primer" that I
prepared for my Workshop.  Thanks to the many of you included a
small message about your use of, or interest in, DELTA.

      The response I received was at once fascinating and
frightening.  I really only expected to get a small number of
responses, but in the first 24 hours I received about 50 requests.
Evidently, my plans to handle this deluge were quickly revised,
resulting in a delayed response from me.  I'm waiting a few days in
order to set up a volume-mail thing, so it's taking some time.  I
guess you're not going anyplace soon, so...

      Your individual comments were very informative, at times even
complementary, and I thank you for them.  Evidently, DELTA is being
examined by many different sorts of people in widely disjunct
disciplines.  One comment queried, did I send a copy to Mike
Dallwitz...  Yes, I did indeed, of course he is first on the
mailing list!  Well, let me qualify that - reprints are in the
mail, now.  With regard to the "Primer" I prepared, yes, he was
also sent an early draft copy of that, and as much as I could, I
implemented his suggestions.  Just for everyone's information, Mike
indicated to me that at present, he would be just as happy if
someone else would teach workshops, at least on this continent, for
his time is otherwise devoted.

      Last year, when I posted a notice on TAXACOM and ENTOMO-L
that I was offering a Workshop for October 1993 ('93, that is) the
response was somewhat disappointing.  It turned out that I did
indeed have full registration in due course.  However, I suspect
that were such a Workshop to be offered at this stage, response
would be significantly different.

      I would be interested to know how many of you would be
interested in attending a Workshop here in Tallahassee if such a
thing were offered again?  Reply to me on that:

      Ingolf S. Askevold   iaskevol at


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