Internet Access to MUSE databases

Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Mon Mar 7 13:23:34 CST 1994

                      MUSE Server Announcement and
                Cornell Ichthyological Collection Queries

                  Julian Humphries, Cornell University

I am pleased to announce the implementation of real time Internet
access to MUSE databases.  The Winsock MUSE Server allows a
Windows based computer to act as a network server providing
access to several different forms of queries of MUSE data.

More information about the server and how to implement it will be
provided in a few weeks after testing of this trial
implementation.  In the interim I have installed the server on
the Cornell Ichthyology Collection database.  In its current
form, the server allows queries for binomials, generic names,
countries and states.  Access to the MUSE Server is currently
provided thru the Biodiversity and Biological Collections Gopher
at (port 70) under the directory on Collections
Catalogs.  Documentation on how to search is provided on the
Gopher server.

The server can also be accessed with a Finger client.  For help
on how to use Finger to query this server use Finger to request
help from the MUSE server itself (help at
This will return a description of how to format commands for the
different queries types (not needed when using Gopher).

The server has a default limit of 250 records (but configurable
to any number) returned on any single query.  I expect to
increase this but would like feedback from the community on
reasonable upper limits.   Be aware that even this limit may
return over 80,000 bytes of information.   Details returned
consist of typical "label" data from both specimen and collecting
event tables, but this is also can be configured at the time of
installation.  The server logs all requests.

I welcome comments on any aspect of the software, interface, data
format, or if you are fish oriented, the data content.  Be aware
that much of the CU collections is still cataloged under older

Support for development of this software was provide by NSF (DEB
9209099, Development and Support for MUSE).  Data in the Cornell
Ichthyology Collection were original computerized under NSF-BSR

Julian Humphries
The Vertebrate Collections and The MUSE Project, Cornell University
Building 3, Research Park
83 Brown Road
Ithaca, NY  14850

Voice: 607-257-8143
Fax:   607-257-8109
Email: jmh3 at

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