Small bug in MacClade 3.04

John Bruner John_Bruner at BIOLOGY.UALBERTA.CA
Thu Mar 17 15:00:15 CST 1994

                      Small bug in MacClade 3.04
Dear MacClade Users:
     I would like to bring to your attention a small bug involving
the data editor of MacClade 3.04.  When coding for character
states in MacClade, be very careful about using only numbers
and no text with the numbers.  We have found that if the character
states have opposite coding from their state number, MacClade will
reverse the codes in your matrice if you scroll down that particular
column of your matrice.   For example, Character One (number of predorsals)

has 3 character states as follows:
   Character state 1.0: 2 predorsals
   Character state 1.1: 1 predorsal
   Character state 1.2: 0 predorsals
If the text "predorsals" is not included in the description of your
character states and only
numbers (2,1,0, respectively) are typed in, then character states 1.0 and
1.2 will
be reversed automatically by MacClade, if and only if, the worker happens to
down the column for character one.  This means that everywhere in your
where you thought you put in character state "2", you will actually get "0";
everywhere you thought you put in "0", you will actually get "2". Character
state 1.1. will not be affected. Remember this "bug" only occurs when
opposite numbers are typed
in (If the word is written, you are safe!). Also, a range of numbers, say
"2-1" is
okay to use.
       This "bug" was discovered by Keith Jackson, a graduate student of Dr.
Joseph S. Nelson,
Department of Zoology, University of Alberta.
       John Bruner

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