Tue Mar 1 12:28:49 CST 1994

  A gopher database is now available to anyone interested
in insects from Boulder County, Colorado. To access
this gopher, point your server to the University of
Colorado gopher and to the following subdirectory:

Online Library Catalogs, Electronic Books and Reference Databases/
University of Colorado Entomology Database/

This directory looks like this:
1. Coleoptera
2. Hymenoptera
3. Lepidoptera
4. Odonata

To conduct a search within an order, get into the appropriate
section of the database and type a slash (/) followed by the
search word.

Please inform others who may be interested in this database.

Below is a summary of the database.

        University of Colorado Museum
        Entomology Section
        Boulder County Database

     This database contains 26,402 records of insects
collected in Boulder County, Colorado from the orders
Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera and Odonata. The
fields included for each order are: LOCALITY, DATE,
COLLECTOR, FAMILY, ORGANISM (genus, specific epithet and
subspecies), and HABITAT/ALTITUDE. This information is
drawn primarily from the holdings of the insect
collection at the University of Colorado at Boulder
Museum. Additional material was collected from the
Colorado State University collection, Fort Collins, and
the Museum of Natural History, Denver.

     All data presented in this database are transcribed
from the labels of every insect collected in Boulder
County and deposited in the above collections. For
practical purposes we have excluded insects that were not
identified to at least the family level. The locality
field represents the most specific geographic location
listed on the primary label. The Habitat field represents
the specific microhabitat within that geographical

     This is an ongoing project and we welcome
suggestions, requests and revisions. We are in the
process of entering data from the rest of our collection
and would like to make available a database of our entire
collection. Please direct any comments you might have to
the following:

Virginia Scott
Museum, Entomology Section
Campus Box 218
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-218
Phone: (303) 492-6270
EMAIL: SCOTTV at spot.Colorado.edu

Lee Dyer
Dept. of EPO Biology
Campus Box 334
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado  80309
dyer at rintintin.colorado.edu

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