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Julian Humphries jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU
Fri Mar 4 17:16:29 CST 1994

>Can anyone recommend an X Windows client/server product for a DOS
>or Windows 3.1 workstation?  I'm looking for a product that would allow
>us to run multiple graphic applications, each running separately on
>multiple hosts (UNIX, VMS, etc.), on a networked DOS machine running
>tcp/ip in Netware 3.11.  We're considering eXceed/W from
>Hummingbird Communications.  Any others?

There is a almost completely functional demo of an X server on
the Cica ftp archives for Windows.  (ftp.cica.indiana.edu maybe?).  It
is archived as xwindemo.zip and is from starnet.  I have had good
luck with this server attached to several X client engines.  It is not
very glitzy but works fine.  Pricing is pretty cheap, less than $100 for
education institutions for the fully working version (the demo limits
connections on the same subnet).  I tested mine with the shareware
Winsock package from Peter Tattam (Trumpet Winsock, $20 and a bargin).

I would stick with Windows if I could, this avoids proprietary TCP/IP
stack problems.


P.S., I just found the info I got from the company itself.  I will include
it for your reading pleasure.

>From root Mon Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
Micro X-WIN
Micro X-WIN is for the user who wants to run X in an integrated environment.
Micro X-WIN will, by default of MS Windows, support all the popular graphics
accelerators which have a MS Windows 3.1 driver.  Cut and Paste of text
between MS Windows and X windows is supported.  X-WIN uses either the local
Microsoft window manager or allows use of a remote window manager (motif,
open look, twm, ...) in a single window mode.

Supports:               FTP Software PC/TCP
                        Sun PC-NFS
                        Lanera TCPOpen

System requirements:    4MB+ memory
                        4MB free disk space
                        Microsoft compatible mouse and driver
                        VGA/SVGA/Accelerators (Microsoft supported)
                        ethernet card (packet driver supported)
                        Microsoft Windows 3.1

Pricing:        LIST            EDUCATIONAL     C-X-C (Edu. Site Lic.)
                -------         -----------     ------
                $150.00         $90.00          $8.00

>From root Mon Jan  1 00:00:00 1970
There are discounts off the LIST and EDUCATIONAL prices for volume.
C-X-C pricing requires a minimum $400.00 initial purchase at the stated
C-X-C prices and return of a C-X-C agreement signed by an authorized party.
C-X-C requires that the edu institution assume some responsibility for
support and distribution of the product.
The xwindemo.zip is available at:
        cica.cica.indiana.edu in /pub/pc/win3/demo
Micro X-Win has been tested and works well with Peter Tattam's Trumpet
Winsock.  Version Alpha 18 seems to be free and his ver. 1.0 is shareware.
Those and supporting files are available via anonymous ftp from...

ftp.utas.edu.au (          /pc/trumpet/winsock/winsock.zip
ftp-ns.rutgers.edu                      /pub.msdos/trumpet/winsock
ftp.demon.co.uk                         /pub/ibmpc/winsock/stacks/trumpwsk
biochemistry,bio.cwru.edu               /pub/trumpwsk

>From root Mon Jan  1 00:00:00 1970

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