ASC Information Model and MUSE?

Peter Rauch mip-arch at GARNET.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Mar 7 15:25:53 CST 1994

Julian refers to "collecting event[s]".
Is this the first overt manifestation of use of the ASC's Information Model?

Congratulations to Julian for continuing to keep the MUSE hook baited and
in the water, useable and useful, as the world's information technology tub
barges ahead. (Couldn't resist!)
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>Date:         Mon, 7 Mar 1994 13:23:34 -0500
>From: Julian Humphries <jmh3 at CORNELL.EDU>
>To: Multiple recipients of list TAXACOM <TAXACOM at HARVARDA.BITNET
>                      MUSE Server Announcement and
>                Cornell Ichthyological Collection Queries
>Details returned
>consist of typical "label" data from both specimen and collecting
>event tables, but this is also can be configured at the time of

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