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The following Press release, as drawn up by workshop
participants, has been sent to Nature, Bio/Technology, New
Scientist, and also to the science correspondents of The
Independent and Guardian newspapers in the UK. I will keep the
list informed of any response. If there is none, at least the
science correspondents and editors are kept informed of BIN21


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                      PRESS RELEASE

              Biodiversity Information Network 21
  A computer network for supporting biodiversity conservation

If the world's biodiversity is to be listed, monitored, conserved
and used in a sustainable way, a means of linking and sharing
information is essential. A group of 25 network specialists from
10 countries met at the Base de Dados Tropical, Campinas, Brasil,
to discuss cooperative strategies for enhancing global access.
The concept has now become a reality.

Building on an earlier UNEP-sponsored workshop, a distributed
network has been set up by a number of groups expert in this
area. Using the worldwide computer network - the Internet, which
connects an estimated 2.5 million computers - a system has been
set up to link together the rapidly growing amount of
biodiversity information. Networking technology has been used to
enable easy searching for information around the world.

Using a diversity of access systems, including the World Wide
Web, BIN21 makes it possible for people from any part of the
world who have links to the Internet to use a common procedure
to search and retrieve information. For users unable to access
the Internet, a series of regional centres is planned, together
with e-mail access for users able to use electronic mail, but
without full Internet capability.

A series of nodes around the world carry core information and
point to data sources on the Internet. The network is a globally
accessible system that uses state-of-the-art technology, while
also providing use by those without such means. The management
of the network breaks new ground by reducing administrative
infrastructure to a minimum. Apart from the Secretariat,
administrative arrangements are carried out online through
computerised mail systems, thus reducing overall costs and
allowing the greatest number of people to participate in its
development. This is felt to be essential if all groups concerned
with biodiversity - from scientists to administrators, from
farmers to the world's greatest museums, are to be able to use
and contribute to the network.

The Biodiversity Information Network supports the aims of the
Biodiversity Convention that came into force on December 29th
1993. It will make a major contribution to the greater
understanding and conservation of the biological resources of the

Further information can be obtained from:

BIN21 Secretariat
Base de Dados Tropical
Fundacao Tropical de Pesquisas e Tecnologia 'Andre Tosello'
Rua Latino Coelho 1301
Parque Taquaral
13087-010 Campinas, SP, Brasil
Tel: +55 192 42 7022
Fax: +55 192 42 7827
E-mail bin21 at

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