Question about DELTA usertypes.

Ingolf Askevold IASKEVOL at VM.CC.FAMU.EDU
Tue Mar 8 16:54:35 CST 1994

Dear entomo-l and taxacom subscribers:

      The recent plethora of responses I got to my posting
literature notices about DELTA made for a rather interesting time.
Let me sum up the results in a word or two.
      I received some 80 requests for reprints or the Workshop
Primer or both.  Mass mailings were posted today (if you didn't get
your e-mail from me, you'll have to ask again because I have no way
of knowing if you didn't get it).
      I observed that the vast majority of requests came from
botanists; some of these were from mycologists (I dunno if I ought
to included this group in the same phrase or not?).  Odds and ends
included bacteriologists, molecular systematists, and
biotechnologists (which I guess is distinct from molecular
systematics).  Others were curiosity seekers, thinking gosh, all
this "chatter" about DELTA happening all of a sudden, guess I'd
better find out something.  Yet others dropped comments about their
use of DELTA in their course curricula, even!
      Unfortunately, it was not possible to ascertain in most cases
from what specific disciplines respondants hailed.  However, about
55 respondants to date came on the heels of my posting to TAXACOM,
another 16 to date from ENTOMO-L.  Very few of those coming via
TAXACOM were in fact entomologists.  So it appears (follows) that
a small fraction of those interested in or presently using DELTA
are entomologists.  This observation begs the question:

      "Why is that at present, so few entomologists use DELTA?"

I'd be interested to know what hypotheses people might have in
explanation of this observation.  I would consider compiling the
various opinions, subsequently to be shared with the network, if
respondants would send me their opinions personally.

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