Resistall paper for museum labels

Wed Mar 9 13:55:00 CST 1994

The Weston Co. which as far as I know is the only place making 100% rag
paper whether acid or non-acid.  University Products is the only companyl
that is a vendor for this paper.  As some of you may know there is a
very small market for this archival paper and it is very expensive
to produce.  It costs the Weston Co. about $50,000 to make a roll of
Resistall.  They have agreed to make one more and only one more roll
If University Products have enough committments for future purchases.
Think ahead for your future needs!!

Call Christine Allen @ 1-800-628-1912 to make a committment to
purchase a certain number of reams of paper.  It comes in 28# and 36#
weights @ $15.80/100 sheets (or $14.20/100 if you order 500 sheets)
and $20.15 (or $18.30/100 if you order 500 sheets) respectively.

Remember this is paper which can be fed through a laser printer and
currently is the only source of such archival paper.

If anyone knows of another source please post it back to this address.

Rob Brooks
University of Kansas
Snow Entomological Museum
Lawrence, KS 66045-2119
(913) 864-3065

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